A modern midrash for Liber DCCCXIII vel ARARITA sub figura DLXX

By Bethsheba Ashe posted August 20th, 2019

Written for the use of the Philosophus (4=7) in 1907, Liber Ararita by Aleister Crowley was described by him as being both "a very secret process of Initiation" and "...an account of the Hexagram and the method of reducing it to the Unity, and Beyond.”

Ararita (ARARYThA) is a name of God and a Notariqon of the hebrew “One is His Beginning; one is His Individuality; His Permutation One”:


In standard gematria this numbers to 813 but in Paleohebrew (biblical) gematria it sums to 777.
Crowley was aware of and referenced (in Sepher Sephiroth) the sum of the third verse of Genesis, which is 813 in both the Biblical and Standard systems of gematria.

This translates as “And said Elohim Let there be light (207) and there was light (207)” which accounts for the sub figura number of Ararita as 570 because 207 + 570 = 777.

The text of Liber Ararita is laid out in 7 chapters of 14 verses, but it is designed to be studied as 14 chapters of 7 verses each, and so it is presented below in its reordered form with commentary. Once reordered, each chapter is attributed to one of the 14 paths of the Seven Palaces for meditation. Each line is contrasted with the former line until any concept of form has disappeared.

Crowley writes “The use of this Name and Formula is to equate and identify every idea with its opposite; thus being released from the obsession of thinking any one of them as “true” (and therefore binding); one can withdraw oneself from the whole sphere of the Ruach. See Liber 813, vel Ararita. Contrast each verse of Cap. I with the corresponding verse of Cap. II for the first of these methods. Thus in Cap. III (still verse by verse correspondence) the Quintessence of the ideas is extracted; and in Cap. IV they are withdrawn each one into the one beyond it. In Cap. V they have disappeared into the Method itself. In Cap. VI they reappear in the Form appointed by the Will of the Adept. Lastly, in Cap. VII they are dissolved, one into the next until all finally disappear in the Fire Qadosh, the Quintessence of Reality.” – Note from ‘The Cry of the 22nd Aethyr’ (The Vision and the Voice), by Aleister Crowley.

Each of the 14 chapters has been ordered quite simply by the total of the letters attributed to the paths (low to high numbers) rather than by their gate numbers (presumably because two of the gates = 11). Therefore they follow the order:‎

Chapter 0: Vav (6)
Chapter 1: Cheth (8)
Chapter 2: Teth (9)
Chapter 3: Yod (10)
Chapter 4: Gimel, Heh & Zayin (15)
Chapter 5: Kaph (20)
Chapter 6: Lamed (30)
Chapter 7: Mem (40)
Chapter 8: Nun (50)
Chapter 9: Samekh (60)
Chapter 10: Ayin (70)
Chapter 11: Peh (80)
Chapter 12: Shin, Tav, Tsade & Qoph (197)
Chapter 13: Resh (200)

Liber Ararita (Recompiled)

Chapter 0. The Path of Vav.
‎1. O my God! One is Thy Beginning! One is Thy Spirit, and Thy Permutation One!‎
The entire verse in hebrew totals to 777. The path of Vav (6) connects the Palace of Beth (2) with the one of the Palaces of Aleph (1). When the word ‘Aleph’ is numbered then it totals to 111: A(1)L(30)P(80).
7+7+7= 21 and when the word ‘Vav’ is numbered it totals to 12: Vav(6)V(6), and these two numbers are symmetrical suggesting the Beth and Aleph once again. 12 is also the number of ‘חַ֣ד’ (Had) which is the short version of echad. Both words mean ‘one’.

2. Now then I saw these things averse and evil; and they were not, even as Thou ‎art Not.
If we read the numbers from Beth to Aleph in sequence we may write 2, 6, 1 or 261. The word דֵּרָאוֹן meaning aversion or abhorrence numbers to 261. Also, in early biblical Hebrew the “Vav + suffix conjugation” was called “the Vav of reversal”. It turns Past to Future, and Future to Past; from something done, into something that will be done.
When the word Beth is numbered then it totals to 16 which is the reverse of the number 61. The word ‘Ain’ has this gematria number and its meaning in Sepher Sephiroth is “negative, non-existent; NOT” and in the Book of Lies (Chapter 61) as “nothing”. Another way of saying ‘Not’ in Hebrew is simply to reverse אל to spell לא ‘Not (31), and as there are two nots in the verse then 31 x 2 = 62 which could also be read as 6, 2 which is Vav, Beth.

3. Say thou that He God is one; God is the Everlasting One; nor hath He any Equal, ‎or any Son, or any Companion. Nothing shall stand before His face.‎
ה֣וּא אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֶחָֽד; ‘He God (Elohim) [is] one’ = 111.
אלהים העוֹלָֽם אֶחָֽד; ‘God [is] the Everlasting One’ = 250, but as in Chapter 1, verse 3 this requires a conversion of the number base; 250 in base 7 is 111 in base 11.
The wife or companion of God is found on the path of Teth (and she is Elat). The Son of God (HDD – Hadad the Son of El) is found on the bottom 3 palaces. The paths of Yod and Ayin (80) are equal by number to the paths of Lamed and Nun (80). So there is a process of elimination happening with the end of this verse, allowing the reader to narrow in on which path is being discussed.
In the Tarot, the aleph is attributed to the card of the Fool, which is card 0.

4. Also the little child, the lover of Adonai, even V.V.V.V.V., reflecting the glory of ‎Adonai, lifted up his voice and said:‎
See the little dancing child in the centre of the pentagram (itself within the hexagram) that is drawn on ‘The Hierophant’ of the Thoth Tarot. This card is attributed to Vav and the child symbolizes “the law of the new Aeon of the Child Horus which has supplanted that Aeon of the “Dying God” which governed the world for two thousand”. The child is also centred over the heart of the Hierophant who Crowley describes in the Book of the Thoth as the ‘Manifestor of the Mystery’ and here as Adonai (אֲדֹנָי 65). All of these symbols and V.V.V.V.V (5 sixes’) concern the union of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm and this union is personified by the figure of Adonai as the Hierophant.

5. In the place of the cross the indivisible point which hath no points nor parts nor ‎magnitude. Nor indeed hath it position, being beyond space. Nor hath it existence ‎in time, for it is beyond Time. Nor hath it cause or effect, seeing that its Universe is ‎infinite every way, and partaketh not of these our conceptions.‎
In this verse, the child Horus is telling us that in the new aeon the symbol of the cross – which represented the dying god of the old aeon – is to be replaced with the ‘indivisible point’; essentially the new formula for initiation shall have no symbol.

6. Deeper and deeper into the mire of things! Farther and farther into the never-‎ending Expansion of the Abyss.‎
The ancients conceived of the world as being surrounded by water, and the word for heaven translates as ‘the fiery waters’. This imagined expanse of water that we now call space, was also namedתְּהֹמֹ֖ת / תְה֑וֹם ‘the Deep’ or ‘the Abyss’. There is no end to space. The universe is an ongoing explosion without end that continues to expand in all directions. There is no thing that is outside the universe; all one’s thinking is done inside of it and as part of it. When the water of heaven is mixed with earth you get mud – the mire!
This path and the path of Cheth traditionally denote the two waters around the earth that were separated by God; one to the east and one to the west. (See Genesis 1:6)

7. Then in the might of the Lion did I formulate unto myself that holy and formless ‎fire, which darteth and flasheth through the depths of the Universe.‎
The might of the lion is the Kerub shown on the card of the Hierophant, and his force is the Solar fire of the Sun – the light itself.


Re - the Vav:
The gate of Vav is 9 – i.e. Beth + Vav + Aleph = 9. This may be why the Hierophant card has nine nails in the illustration. Its opposite counterpart on the Wheel (below) is Resh, which has the gate number of 209 – i.e. Heh + Resh + Dalet. Together they make a combined or secondary gate of 218. However, Resh is attributed to both a path and a palace and if they (the two Reshs) are taken together (as one Sun) then the total for this gate would be 418.  Crowley tells us that 418 is “the number of the word of the Aeon, ABRAHADABRA, the cypher of the Great Work”.

Re- Vav and Cheth:
When all the letters from the top of the Wheel’s circumference are counted from Aleph to Aleph then: Aleph + Cheth + Beth + Vau + Aleph = 18 and the word אחבוא means ‘Hidden’ or ‘Hiding’. Cheth is attributed to the Tarot Card of the Chariot, and Crowley writes of the Charioteer “the vizor of his helmet is lowered, for no man may look upon his face and live. For the same reason, no part of his body is exposed.” ‎

Chapter 1. The Path of Cheth.
‎1. Let me extol Thy perfections before men.‎ 
The explanation for this verse is that the various perfections of the Cheth attributed to this section of heaven are above the path of Mem, and the gate of Mem is Aleph + Daleth + Mem = 45 ‘Adam’ which means ‘mankind’. 
The Path of Cheth connects the Palace of Beth and the Palace of Aleph.
The word ‘Cheth’ is spelled Cheth, Yod, Tav = 22.

“The rabbis ascribed special sanctity to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Psalmist’s declaration that “By the word of God were the heavens made” (Ps. 33:6) was taken to indicate the power of the letters, which form the “Word” of God. Bezalel succeeded in the construction of the tabernacle because he “knew how to combine the letters by which the heavens and earth were created” (Ber. 55a).” – sourced from:

The gate of this path is Beth, Cheth, Aleph = 11.
The first two letters of the word ‘Cheth’ are Cheth, Yod = 18 and mean ‘life’.
A secondary gate number is made with the opposite path on the wheel (below) that totals to 217: 206 + 11 = 217.
217 is 7 x 31 (אל).
It is the total of all the letters of the Palaces when added together; Beth + Aleph + Resh + Aleph + Heh + Dalet + Dalet =217 (Bara Hdd).
It is the gate number of the first Heh of YHVH (Beth + Gimel + Heh + Zayin + Resh = 217), and this is the ‘holy of holies’ or abode of God.

It is also the sum total of the order of the alphabet when the 22 letters are placed in their proper order of 20 places. Gimel(3) and Shin(3) share the third place, and Dalet and Tav share the 4th place. Thus:
1 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16 + 17 + 18 + 19 + 20 = 217

The sum total of the gematria of all the letters is 802 and 8:02 minutes are 482 seconds; 482 is the sum of the two gates in the middle of the Wheel:
217 (Beth + Gimel + Heh + Zayin + Resh) + 265 (Heh + Samekh + Resh) = 482.

[[Note – Base 60 has been used since early Babylonian times to count minutes and seconds, and it is also the basis of geometry (360 degrees in a circle / 6 = 60).]]

Another interesting pairing that occurs with the gate of Cheth is with the gate of Resh:
11 + 209 = 220, which is the gematria sum of the words Bereshith and HaTorah, and it brings us around again to the sum of 220 when written out: מָאתַ֔יִם עֶשְׂרִ֑ים ‘two hundred twenty’ = 418.

2. I saw the twin heads that ever battle against one another, so that all their ‎thought is confusion. I saw Thee in these.‎
This probably refers to the Qlippoth; Crowley writes that Thaumiel have two contending heads so as to deny the unity of Kether, and they are called ‘the Twins of God’. The three supernals of Kether, Chokmah and Binah are reunited into a singular palace of Beth on the Wheel. This Palace is a harmony of the Indivisible Point that all things revolve around (analogous to the Pole star), and Wisdom and Understanding all at once.
The Thaumiel would therefore represent the averse of these qualities, being stupidity and misunderstanding; but as all things come from God; are set in motion by God, and are God, then these two qualities may also be appreciated as aspects of God’s greater unity.

3. Even for five hundred and eleven times nightly for one and forty days did I cry ‎aloud unto the Lord the affirmation of His Unity.‎
Here, Crowley uses different number bases that require conversion. 511 in decimal is 777 in base 8 and 41 in decimal ‎is 56 in base 7; and the word יוֹם (56) ‘Yom’ means ‘Day’.‎
A misunderstanding may be eliminated here. In Sepher Sephiroth the World of Shells (i.e. the Qlippoth) totals to 777, but only in the standard gematria that has been degraded from its original beauty and purpose. All words that contain a shin or a tav are miscalculated by standard gematria, so while it may have some truth to it, it’s really only suitable for cipher and bluff. עולם הקליפות ‘The world of shells’ = 381 by biblical gematria and 381 is 3 x 127. 127 has many correspondences but Crowley only gives us the word ‘מוטבע’ – which leads to quite an amusing meditation on the shells however. 381 is the sum total of the first 3 words of Proverbs 25:2: כבד אלהים הסתר: “[It is the] glory [of] Elohim to conceal.”

4. Glory to God, and Thanksgiving to God! There is One God alone, and God is ‎exceeding great. He is about us, and there is no strength save in Him the exalted, ‎the great.‎
שבינה ]= 88 Gloria cohabitans [vide K.D. L.C.K. p. 711]; the Glory of God.
הוֹד֤ו לַֽיהוָהּ֙ = 77 ; Thanksgiving to God. 

5. So wrote the Exempt Adept, and the laughter of the Masters of the Temple ‎abashed him not.‎
 The Exempt Adept’s focus on this path comes from the Palace of Aleph. He is concerned with the One but the Master of the Temple has no attachments, not even to the one, or the 2=0, and so all the universe appears as a cosmic joke. 

6. The great goddess that bendeth over the Universe is my mistress; I am the ‎winged globe at her heart.‎
 The Goddess Nuit is here identified and the winged globe is the Holy Grail seen in the Tarot card of the Chariot. Crowley writes of this “the central and most important feature of the card is its centre – the Holy Grail. It is of pure amethyst, of the colour of Jupiter, but its shape suggests the full moon and the Great Sea of Binah. In the centre is radiant blood; the spiritual life is inferred; light in the darkness.” 

7. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the earth melted into a liquor clear as water.‎
 The Fire Qadosh means the Holy Fire of the Solar force. Earthly attachments are transmuted into their abstract forms becoming as the light of the stars in the heavens. 

Chapter 2. The Path of Teth.
‎1. In the Image of a Sixfold Star that flameth across the Vault inane, let me re-veil ‎Thy perfections.‎
 This path connects the two Palaces of the Alephs. Before 1190 BCE when the city of Ugarit fell, the wife of the God ‘El’ (or ‘AL’ in Thelema) was the Goddess Elat, and this is her path. She is the face of the Heavens; the roof of the Temple that lends it strength and stability; and she prevents the waters outside from rushing in to flood the earth; and she is the veil before the tabernacle.

Although there is little record of her in the Torah, references to her crop up here and there. Her word is אתה (9) ‘You Are’ seen in Psalm 90:2 ‎as ‘You are El’ (40). Also אַטֶּ֣ה ‘to incline’ or to ‘stretch’. אט means ‘slowly’ or ‘softly, in reference to her slowly moving face, and is associated with words indicating gentleness or secrecy. Words that end with the אט suffix tend to indicated covering or containing. The Paleohebrew letter was shaped as a wheel, and this is why we have the famous biblical references by Ezekiel to ‘a Wheel within a Wheel’.Constellation of Draco laid over the Tarot Card: Lust

The gate of this path is 11, and when added to the gates of Vav (9) and Cheth (11) they total to 31 for the number of El.

In Thelemic theology, this path is the abode of the Goddess ‘Babalon’, and she is seen in the Tarot card called ‘Lust’ (formerly named ‘Strength’) riding upon a Lion-Serpent. The stars of this lady are the circumpolar constellation of Draco that can be seen all year round from Northern Latitudes.

2. I saw the darkeners of wisdom, like black apes chattering vile nonsense. I saw ‎Thee in these.‎
 These are of the Qlippoth. – The path of Teth is entirely creative and represents the original marriage, so the Qlippoth of this path would be entirely destructive and heedless of consequence.

We might think of a capitalist with a large factory that shows neither foresight nor beneficence towards the life of the planet, but poisons the Ozone layer for a slight increase in his profits today. Yet God is all, even in these and they stimulate the nurturing beneficence and activism of goodly people to thwart and erase such destructive and unwise elements.
These are (perhaps) the ‘Flaming Ones’, but whose flame has went out leaving the black shell of the apes? They are (perhaps) all that remains of the Saints once they have poured their entire blood into the cup of Babalon? They are (perhaps) the Nephesh cut off from its spiritual source above? 

3. Also did I glorify His wisdom, whereby He made the worlds.‎

4. Thus did V.V.V.V.V. become mad, and wend about naked.‎
 Crowley writes in the Book of Thoth “The woman is shown as more than a little drunk, and more than a little mad; and the lion also is aflame with lust. This signifies that the type of energy described is of the primitive, creative order; it is completely independent of the criticism of reason. 

5. Nor was he ashamed, hearing the laughter of the little dogs of hell.‎

6. I contract ever as she ever expandeth;‎
The interplay of Hadit and Nuit.

7. At the touch of the Fire Qadosh the water smoked into a lucid air.‎
This path draws down (and along) the holy fire through the water from the left; and the light of the solar fire from the right to create the medium of the air through which the light continues its travels.

Chapter 3. [ The Path of Yod ]
1. Thou hast appeared unto me as an aged God, a venerable God, the Lord of ‎Time, bearing a sharp sickle.‎
 The Path of Yod falls between the Palace of Resh and the Palace of Aleph. It has a gate number or 211, but when the letters are attributed to the Seven Places by order – rather than by gematria value, then this palace has the gate value of 31.
In the oldest representations of the Hermit card we see the personification of Saturn as the Father of Time, holding an hourglass. In later representations he holds a lamp and this may be related to the practise of using special lamps to measure the hours with. Saturn is the most closely associated deity to El, and he is sometimes represented as holding a scythe. 

[ ... to be continued ... ]

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